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Happy Father's Day

Today is the day I start a new blog. A new chapter in the life of this "Creative Dad." What better day but Father's day, to start a blog about navigating the life of being a traveling freelance artist & a father? And in typical creative fashion I was up all night trying to meet my own deadline & I'm typing this post on two hours of sleep :) So whats this blog & vlog all about you may ask? Well, this is a project that has been weighing heavy on my heart for the last few years, probably since my daughter was about 6 months old. Part of the reasoning behind it is the simple journaling aspect of it all. A journal/diary/blog gives one the opportunity to create a time capsule of our life for us to look back on, or even leave behind for generations to read in the future. And lastly to allow myself the opportunity to create some content for FAQs. As many of my friends go-to photography & video creating friend, I typically get asked the same questions quite often. The plan is to create an ongoing online journal of the various projects I'm working on & the gear I'm using to both blog & vlog about those projects from two main perspectives: - The mindset of an artist (Behind the scenes insights, tips & tricks)

- The mindset of a dad (what details were involved to accomplish the task & how it affected family life) There seem to be a lot of mommy blogs out there & a community for mom's to share stories, parenting tips, fitness advice, recipes etc. & their didn't seem to be as much of an online presence for dads. While a lot of these articles can be interesting for both moms & dad's, I felt the need to start contributing some classic "dadvice" on some of the gear & things that I have found useful as both a creative & a father. As a former pre-school teacher, High School teacher, Jr. High youth worker & father of 3, I feel that I may have a decently well rounded perspective on a variety of subjects. Most notably I feel I can contribute in these ways: - Camera reviews

- Camera gear & accessory reviews

- Understanding the mind of a creative

- Business & organizational advice for spouses

- Kid friendly gear recommendations

- AP Photography help for students & teachers

- Travel Reviews

- Collaborative Artist projects What I also hope to gain from this blog is hearing how other dads manage to balance the life of being a creative & a father. If I recommend something, but you've found something better, I would love to know about your experience. So thanks for stopping by, I hope this can be a site worth subscribing to, & I'm looking forward to building this community together with you.

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