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Father’s Day Anniversary

Well, here we are, this blog has been around for a full year 🎉 I really wasn’t ready to start this when I did, & still haven’t committed the time I want to it & to the YouTube channel, but I’m so glad to have started it. I really hate to talk about doing something & have the idea collect dust on a shelf, so I had to force myself to dive right in. So much has changed in my family & I’s life during that time & this next year promises more big changes. With our move to a beautiful new home in a new town & our oldest starting kindergarten in a few months, I should have a lot more time to get organized & be more consistent with this fun side project. There are so many ways having a new home office/mini home studio are going to add to my ability to create weekly content & we are really creating spaces throughout our new home for the whole family to be more creative. As a father, the desire to pass on my passions to my kids is important & everyday I see more & more how much being creative is just in my children's blood. I don't know if we'll necessarily be some kind of Partridge family, but I do know that the home they grow up in will definitely encourage any gifts they may possess, & I'm extremely grateful for that. Back to the blog & what I've learned this year... One of the ideas I had before I officially started the whole Creative Dad project was to interview other creative dads. I knew that I would enjoy that aspect, but the insight to fatherhood from my peers has been a huge blessing. Its so cool to interview like-minded people & to hear them tell my own story as a father as they tell theirs. Its been so easy to relate to the 5 interviews I've done so far, & I'm looking forward to sharing this months interview as I wrap it up by the end of next week. In summary here are some of the main points I've taken away from the 5 interviews: - While the travel time of some creative dads can be long & schedules can be busy, its so important that your family knows they are worth prioritizing for & calendar communication in parenthood is a huge key to success in making this happen. - Being a dad your kids can trust goes hand in hand with the business of being a creative dad. Because just as your clients need to trust you to do good work, more importantly, your kids are trusting you as their father to guide them along the right path in life.

- Connecting with your heritage can be an amazingly freeing thing in life, & if you allow yourself to learn more about your heritage, you might just be able to pass down a creative skill or talent to your kids that can help you connect with them & connect them to who they are.

- Getting your kids involved with what you do can be a valuable asset in life, & an opportunity for them to grow up learning life lessons as they watch you conduct your business or make your art. While they may or may not want to follow your path as they grow older, & while it may also take you longer to get things done, involving them in what you do makes them feel loved & gives them chances to learn that could leave a bigger impression than anything they might forget in a classroom. - Take the time to appreciate the flexibility you may have as a creative dad with a schedule to be that much more involved in your kids life. Our children grow up fast, so take the chances while you can to share your passions with them & connect with them by encouraging them to follow their own dreams. I look forward to what life has for me & my family as this year goes on, & I can't wait to see what other nuggets of wisdom I gain over the next 12 months.

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