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2019 is over???

This blog took a HUGE back seat during the summer of 2018 & I can’t believe it’s already going to be 2020 & I haven’t made a single entry in 2019 🤯 So much happened this year & it was both a year of unexpected achievements & one of my toughest yet. I learned a lot about myself & I can’t say I liked it all, but what I can say is I’m definitely motivated to make every step I can to do so much better moving forward. One of the most interesting things about doing work this year is there is a lot of stuff I'm really proud of that simply hasn't been released yet. Always interesting working on projects you can't really talk about. Looking forward to more of that next year, but also excited to show those that check in here, what I've actually been up to. "Creative Dad" is a project I've kind of put on pause because I'm trying to work out how to be present w/ my kids, create w/ them & still put out content that has some value to it. Haven't fully worked out all those details yet, but I'm definintely working on figuring it all out. One project my kids have particularly enjoyed doing w/ me since October is a side project of Toy Photography. I initially tried it out to see if it would be an easy way to explain composition & how lighting works to students in a Media Class I taught this year, but its turned into its own little thing on instagram called " Disney Marvel Wars ". Hard to come up w/ an insta handle that is unique in this genre because I've learned its actually a pretty popular medium for photo enthusiasts & collectors, but I'm really enjoying being inspired by other photographers creative work & seeing my kids come up w/ ideas w/ me on what sort of photos we could take.

I was definitely inspired by a lot of people's work this year & I'm trying to process how I'm going to apply that inspiration to my own projects for 2020, but I think its going to be one of my most unique creative & productive years yet.

2019, you kinda kicked my butt, but I'm ready to learn from it & push for the best version of me that I can do day-by-day, one foot in front of the other, a little bit better all the time.

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