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Weekly Recap #22: "Just keep swimming"

The best way to describe the feelings I've been feeling the past month can basically be summed up in one word, drowning. My wife & I knew this would be one of the busiest times of the year for us with the end of the teaching school year getting close & testing that happens every year, yet we decided to throw selling our home in the mix 🤦🏻‍♂️

As insane as the process has felt, we are very happy that we decided to move forward with the sale, & it seems like all of our prayers for open & closed doors have been answered... & we are officially moving to Murrieta! We have a deposit on our new home and after a lender nightmare we have gotten on the right track with the same lender we have with the house we're selling instead of the builders preferred lender at our new place & we can FINALLY see the finish line.

In the midst of everything, my weekly blog has turned into a monthly blog, but I'm most excited about having posted 1 interview a month for the Creative Dad & the variety of subjects we've covered have honestly been such a blessing in my own life. I truly hope that this series can continue to grow & that it can help build a community of dad's encouraging each other to be the best versions of ourselves for our kids. You can really feel like no one can relate to your story sometimes, yet all 4 of these interviews seems like carbon copies of a response I would give had I been asked the same question. Relatibility is what I'm finding most interesting about this project.

I've been on a bit of daddy duty lately, & parenting is, TOUGH. Everyday I'm just baffled by the thought of single parents. Seriously, HUGE high fives to you mom's & dad's taking on this role by yourself, because it's no laughing matter. I haven't felt this tired, this overweight, this delirious in my whole life & it's crazy to think that it's due to being worn down by 3 cute kiddos under the age of 6. However there have been moments where I'm saved by that snuggle, that "I love you", & that hilarious moment of my kids simply being complete hams.

I mean look at this guy,

My youngest son, Tyson has been giving me such a hard time for wanting to get this photo of him in my suit from when I was 2 yrs old. I've managed to get a photo of all my kids now in this suit at 2 yrs of age, but this little guy & all his personality was so hard to capture. However, once he lightened up, he gave us baby-modeling magic. Here's a few shots leading up to the Zoolander-sequel shot:

And the finale with all 3 of my kids & 2yr old me in the same suit:

These little moments of creativity & memories being made are definitely what help me to keep swimming. Its tough to feel like your drowning, but I'm constantly thinking "Hey, theres no lifeguard on duty, if I want to get out of this, I'm going to HAVE TO swim." In this month's interview with my buddy Chris Wright, we talked about that feeling of not even being able to get yourself to & from the car quickly when you have kids. Its amazing how when doing this task alone it feels so fast, but with kids it can be a huge ordeal. I also really appreciated Chris & his wife, Carly, allowing me to hang out at their studio a couple of times to capture how their family ran their business & interacted with each other. For more about that interview & to learn more about what they do,called "Scripture Type", check this link:

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